Catalogue and Online Shop of the Year 2011

The contest for the prestigious awards „Catalogue of the Year“ and „Online Shop of the Year“ started on 15th June. In German distance selling the awards are known as the industry’s „Oscars“ and have a 10 year track record. The winners will be announced during this year’s German mail order conference on 5th October.

Boden Direct, our longstanding client and partner, is amongst the TOP 11 nominees that compete for the „Catalogue of the Year award“. The jury’s opinion on the Boden Direct Summer 2011 catalogue reads as follows:

„A strong layout concept is essential when using an A6 catalogue format. Boden Direct’s catalogue not only features emotional photography and well-defined structure, but also develops personality by promoting the models. Starting with its „5 reasons to order from Boden“, the catalogue follows a consistent pattern displaying model photography on the right and photography of the colour variations on the left. Individual comments from the pictured models trigger the customer’s enthusiasm to continue to flip through the catalogue. This way, Boden succeeds to establish a relationship with its.

We are proud of our client’s nomination and keep our fingers crossed for Boden in competing for the prestigious award.

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