Promissing Future for Egle after Change in Ownership

Wilhelm Egle GmbH is a healthy and successful specialty distance seller with a focus on a fat and cholesterol reduced diet. The assortment of the southern German company consists of app. 150 products ranging from oils to soups.

At Egle, there were no eligible management successors in the ranks of the owning families. Therefore, Dietmar Belgard, the CEO and managing partner was looking for the right succession plan aiming to secure the future of a prospering company at its current location.

In Januar 2014, the K- Mail Order Group (Klingel Group – KMO) acquired 100% of the equity in Wilhelm Egle GMBH. KMO is one of the leading European distance sellers with a broad product assortment and a focussed target customer group very similar to that of Egle.

BBR originated, initiated, developed, structured and facilitated this succession and growth project with a view to create a win-win situation in order to fulfil the strategic needs of both partners.

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