Why a customer-centric check of your international website(s) is key

When entering foreign markets, most merchants set up local websites and service structures necessary to get the business rolling.   As much as possible of the domestic content, processes and structures are transported to the new country – rightfully so.

However, a successful domestic web presence doesn’t guarantee a successful website in the country of choice. International customers can be baffled and struggle with your web shop for reasons that are hidden to the domestic team.  These reasons are often rooted in behavioural differences, specific customer needs, technical discrepancies or differing industry standards.

A customer centric website audit that identifies pitfalls is a key step stone for new country market growth.

For Germany, we recommend to focus on three pillars from a German customer’s point of view: trust enhancers such as content must-haves, service propositions such as fulfilment, and industry standards such as fit guides.

In Germany, creating trust is crucial and for a new marketer essential to remove barriers that hold potential customers back from ordering with you.  Here, particular content such as company information or product descriptions are important.  Also, country-specific trust labels can add to the trust equation.

While a quick and easy delivery is a standard service proposition, the choice of an appropriate provider has great impact on the last mile and therefore on the whole customer experience. Thus, nationwide access to parcel shops or individual delivery options such as evening delivery are essential in choosing the right service partners for your product assortment.

Website features like fit guides are most obvious industry standards, but are they the same for the German market?  There may be big differences for international markets (e. g. measuring arm length for shirts). Implementing relevant standards help avoid high bounce rates and negative brand experiences.

We recommend to do the website check when launching the new site and technical bugs are amended. By the same token, when you are planning to grow your business, we recommend to have an audit before stepping up marketing spend and possibly wasting valuable traffic. Please find our website audit guide here.

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