Customer-Centric Website Audit

You have a fully functional German web shop or are about to go live? But you are not sure whether the web shop meets the expectations and needs of the German customer?

Which hidden barriers prevent customers from actually placing orders on your web shop? How customer-friendly is your web shop from a German customer’s perspective?

What can you do to avoid waste of marketing spend? What can you do today to start improvements? What should be the longer-term goals for website development?

Customer-Centric Website Audit
Customer-Centric Website Audit

Our website audit aims to answer these questions and provide guidance for the German market. We develop bespoke measures that are poised to support your growth goals.

Closing the gap between technical usability testing and customer surveys, we put ourselves in your customer’s shoes and provide practical advice based on our market and industry know-how.

You may find the following web shop auditing services useful:

  • Analyse status against our proprietary benchmark covering the most common customer habits and norms
  • Test website accessibility, functionality and speed
  • Identify communications pitfalls not covered by usability tools (e.g. trust enablers, missing content)
  • Analyse website features for desktop and mobile versions
  • Test order placements
  • Examine most relevant customer checkout journey scenarios
  • Make customised and solution-focussed recommendations
  • Develop action points

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