Cross-Channel Marketing

Compared to just a few years ago, marketers are faced with an exponentially expanding set of market/marketing channel opportunities. We guide you through the maze for the unique German set based on your core market strength, time horizon, internal resource constraints and business lifecycle stage.

Special marketing opportunities for the german market comprise all digital marketing channels as well as:

1. Mixed Marketing Channels – Online/Offline

Public Relations
Product Placements
 Media Partnerships
Complementary business partnerships
Integrated Brand Campaigns

2. Offline Channels 

Database Marketing
Media Inserts
Parcel Inserts
 Physical Retail Stores
Newspaper Ads
Radio Ads
Other above the line advertising

We see marketing channels emerging, disappearing, converging, reappearing and reshaping. It is a rapidly changing environment that needs local know-how to be tackled in a meaningful manner.

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