Digital Marketing

For most multi-channel merchants, German market expansion means to reach the German customer digitally.

To this end, a website that works for you and the German customer is a must-have. Testing the waters, you can even start with your existing website. The same counts for the right digital marketing channel mix that reaches and converts your target audience. Both form the minimum viable product (MVP) for successful German market expansion.

Customer-Centric Website Audit

For your new customer recruitment campaign, we guide your expansion.  Specifically, we help you make informed decisions as well as build and manage expectations about your website, channel selection, and budgets.

Last but not least, we facilitate the set-up by working with your internal resources and/or recommend tried and tested third parties.

Start today with our website auditing services or check out how we can assist you with the following digital marketing channels:

Social Media Marketing

Social Media provides a variety of targeting options and campaign objectives for marketers. It remains a key marketing channel that continuously is reshaping and emerging. We help you to navigate successfully through opportunities and challenges on the German market:

  • Define strategic approach that fits your overall strategy
  • Qualitative targeting and traffic generation in line with your KPIs
  • Campaign setup and management across all networks (performance & branding)
  • Ongoing reporting, analysis and optimisation
  • Dedicated ad manager
  • Focus on Integrated marketing campaigns & usage of synergies with other marketing channels

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing (SEO & SEM)

We set up, structure and build your AdWords and/or Bing account for optimal results including Google Shopping, Brand & Non-Brand as well as YouTube and Retargeting campaigns. Our unique, cluster based approach and state-of-the-art bid management enhance performance and brand building.

Display Advertising & Retargeting

We identify the best Display network for you and develop performance based display promotions as well as brand campaigns.

Depending on your ambitions we set up strategies and budgets to target new customers, advertise specific promotions, deepen brand experience or retarget website visitors.


In our experience, international Affiliate networks operating in the German market often provide a service scope that is quite different from other national markets. In order to effectively manage the German partnerships and programme, it is paramount to have the local know-how and direct access to publishers.We have already built a powerful network with strong relationships that we can make available to you through our services.

Our solutions:

  • Guide you through the differences in digital culture
  • Develop budget
  • Identify and propose suitable partners
  • Find and negotiate suitable pricing, discounts, terms
  • Set up appropriate offer structures in line with your promotional calendar
  • Handle day-to-day affiliate business and publisher management
  • Advise on opportunities and risks for business model
  • Creative and promotion management as needed

Shopping Portals

Shopping sites, shopping clubs and market places are developing at a rapid speed converging in terms of the options and services offered to merchants. Many local opportunities are emerging and growing fast. This is a promising source of substantial traffic in the German market that has great potential but also causes challenges for generating qualitative traffic.

Building on our existing relationships with major shopping sites, we help you find your target group on relevant shopping-sites and shopping-clubs and turn them into customers. Our services for shopping portals range from negotiating, facilitating set up to the optimisation of your product listing, promotion of your brand and development of a sustainable profitable performance.

Direct Partnerships

Direct partnerships can be a powerful tool to drive response as well to build your brand. Enhancing your success in digital marketing, we can find the right local partners for you.

Based on your business model and goals, we develop direct partnerships for you. It is our goal to enter into exclusive and high quality relationships. We have already developed unique partnerships with major network players, which we can make available to you through our services.

Influencer Marketing


You would like to find and cooperate with bloggers to promote your brand?

We identify the perfect influencer and organise the collaboration from scratch.

Marketplace management & feed services

Market places represent an easy and fast way to test foreign markets including Germany. Beyond the usual suspects Amazon and E-Bay, there are also a number of attractive local opportunities that are worthwhile exploring.

We help you find the right approach given your internal infrastructure and resources, negotiate with potential partners, facilitate set up and provide feed services for all relevant marketplaces including local adaptations/optimisations for Amazon and E-Bay.

Get in touch, we’d love to hear from you

Jenny Dorau

Head of Digital Marketing

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