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This web­site is gover­ned by Ger­man law. For your con­ve­ni­ence, below plea­se find an Eng­lish trans­la­ti­on of the Ger­man dis­clai­mer. In any event, the Ger­man ver­si­on of this dis­clai­mer is the only valid version.

Liability for Content

As a ser­vices pro­vi­der, we are respon­si­ble for our own con­tent on the­se web pages in accordance with § 7 Abs.1 TMG. Howe­ver, in accordance with §§ 8 to 10 TMG, as a ser­vices pro­vi­der we are neither obli­ged to moni­tor trans­fer­red or saved third par­ty infor­ma­ti­on nor do we have to rese­arch any cir­cum­s­tances that point to unlawful acti­vi­ty. Exempt from this sti­pu­la­ti­on are gene­ral legal obli­ga­ti­ons to dele­te infor­ma­ti­on or inhi­bit the use of such infor­ma­ti­on. In such cases, we are not lia­ble for such legal inf­rin­ge­ment until we have gai­ned know­ledge of a spe­ci­fic inf­rin­ge­ment of an appli­ca­ble law. As soon as we beco­me awa­re of such inf­rin­ge­ment, we will dele­te such content.

Liability for Links

Our offer con­ta­ins links poin­ting to third par­ty web­sites, the con­tent of which we have no influence on. This is why we are not lia­ble for such third par­ty con­tent. The respec­ti­ve pro­vi­der or ope­ra­tor is respon­si­ble for the con­tent of the third par­ty pages lin­ked to. At the time of link imple­men­ta­ti­on, the­se links were veri­fied for pos­si­ble unlawful con­tent. Unlawful con­tent was not reco­gnizable at the time of link imple­men­ta­ti­on. Wit­hout spe­ci­fic evi­dence of such legal inf­rin­ge­ment, per­ma­nent moni­to­ring of pages lin­ked to is unre­asonable. As soon as we beco­me awa­re of such inf­rin­ge­ment, we will dele­te such links wit­hout delay.


All con­tent and work crea­ted by the web­site ope­ra­tor are sub­ject to the Ger­man copy­right law. Any kind of copy­ing, editing, dis­tri­bu­ti­on and usa­ge out­side the boun­da­ries of the copy­right law, requi­re the writ­ten con­sent of the respec­ti­ve aut­hor or ori­gi­na­tor. Down­loads and copies of all or parts of this web­site are for pri­va­te usa­ge only and can­not be used in a com­mer­cial con­text. To the ext­ent, third par­ty con­tent is used in this web­site, we obser­ve the copy­rights of the­se third par­ties. In par­ti­cu­lar, we label third par­ty con­tent as such. Nevert­hel­ess, should you beco­me awa­re of a copy­right inf­rin­ge­ment, we kind­ly request that you noti­fy us about this case. As soon as we beco­me awa­re of such inf­rin­ge­ment, we will dele­te such con­tent wit­hout delay.

Source: eRecht24 Dis­clai­mer

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